Marketing 101 – meatloaf & mashed potatoes

Finally having my new logo and business cards in hand was great (along with my hand made brochures), however finding places and people to give them to was another issue. My first invitation to actually positioning myself to talk about my new enterprise was the local Rotary Club. They had gotten my name from a mutual acquaintance in regards to wanting information on interpreting and how Interpreters could be utilized for some outreach into different communities.

During the conversation they broached the idea of me coming into their next meeting and speaking on the subject. That one meatloaf and potatoes dinner in the back of the local Holiday Inn and my 15 minute spiel during dessert gave way to many more similar nights where I would ‘spread the word’ about my new company and the benefit to utilizing our services. I was the guest speaker for months at every fire house, civic group, church group and volunteer group within 4 counties of my home.

And it helped. And the business grew. In 6 months I had outgrown my home office with my little blueberry Mac and I was on the search for ‘real office space’…and my first employee – who turned out to be my ‘mini-me’ …and helped me grow my business from myself and 6 other Interpreters to where we are today…..myself…9 employees and 300+ Interpreters……

Who knew that meatloaf and mashed potatoes were so powerful?….

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