What I wish I had known…about Invisalign & Interpreters…

Woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainerSeveral months ago I decided to take the plunge and have a few teeth that were beginning to get crowded corrected by Invisalign. I did my research, had several consultations and based on recommendations and my impressions at various offices, settled on an orthodontist I felt most comfortable with.

The office I choose is a very large practice – their protocol is to first have you taken care of by the Orthodontist (for evaluation and treatment suggestion) and after that you are seen by a Certified Orthodontist Assistant. She was the one that introduced the Invisalign trays, answered my many questions and put on my attachments (which are placed on the teeth so that your trays ‘track’ appropriately). I felt I had all of my questions answered and then went home with the excitement of not having braces, but contemplation of a new smile with perfectly straight teeth and no muss or fuss of metal in my mouth.

However…days after returning home reality struck. I had more questions than answers and I found myself scouring Youtube videos to find people depicting their experiences with Invisalign. The information I gleaned from the videos was priceless. It was comforting to know what others had experienced, what was happening to me was normal and to know what to expect down the road.

Hmmmm..what to expect? It made me wonder about our customers.

It is always interesting the questions you receive regarding Interpreters, especially from customers who have had  an Interpreter on their site for the first time. If there is lack of knowledge regarding the Interpreters role or how they function, maybe we are not preparing them sufficiently regarding ‘what to expect’ (once the Interpreter arrives).

Much like the very busy orthodontic office, are we so caught up in providing a service that perhaps we are not explaining how that service works? Or what our customers should expect? We all get so caught up in our own industries – we understand the acronyms, the protocols, the specifics. We need to be mindful that all of this can be a new and daunting experience to someone that has no idea what to expect throughout the process.

Years ago we made several ‘How to use an Interpreter’ videos and put them on our YouTube page – Intro to Using an Interpreter – depicting different scenarios our customers might encounter. My experience with Invisalign has prompted us to begin updating those videos for our customers (we will announce them soon!)… And also made us mindful to slow down and consider customers need guidance when using our service.

Another business lesson learned at the most surprising places..this time at the Orthodontist~

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