Cloud Pioneer

Telecommunication Concept

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by Forbes Book/Radio for a Podcast. During the explanation of how we were working within multi-generational customers/employees/consumers, the interviewer quipped “Empire Interpreting Service was a cloud pioneer”…and the conversation turned to the implications of that in our day-to-day.

Fifteen years ago when the business was new, I yearned for the phones to ring. The sound of a phone ringing meant customers calling. The sound was reassuring – when it stopped for even a few minutes, my entrepreneurial heart stopped as well.

Fast forward a few years and it seemed like the phones never stopped ringing. We were growing so fast…sometimes 100%/year and as the phones rang and rang,  my staff needs increased. I walked through the halls of our offices and it was incessant. It was comforting. I breathed deep….

In the last past year I have noticed the phone rings less and less and we are still busier and busier. You can no longer calculate how busy your business is by the sound of a telephone ringing. Our requests come in not by a person on the phone, but by email, text, our website portal and fax. Even the fax is silent as those devices went by the wayside and faxes come in off the web.

Today as I monitor how busy we are via databases and online communication, I realize that we were ‘Cloud Pioneers’ … and with that the sound of the telephone becomes less and less. It can be unnerving for a business owner to be in the midst of change, even when it is necessary to be relevant, to be contemporary, to be competitive.

Success doesn’t need to be noisy.

The cloud is silent.


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