15 Years and Thankful…

This Fall my business reached an anniversary/milestone of 15 years! The business today is an entity I never could have imaged in 2003. The journey from then to now is something I never could have foreseen – and a journey I never could have taken alone. Forgive me while I take liberty to talk about those who stood beside me, carried me through and who continue to be my inspiration.

Six months into my business I knew I needed support. My first hire. Stacey Short, then my part time receptionist/bookkeeper. Today my CFO. Stacey has a fierce loyal heart and a work ethic rarely seen. She is deliberate and forceful  – she holds my feet to the fire – and cares as much about the business’s success as I do…AND she is a true honest and caring friend. 15 years and counting – she’s still building the business with me.

Jay – my Business Manager. Who I am sure would have rather followed his own path, but supported me in mine and worked and worked and worked to bring this business into the arena of the ‘big boys’ – to become contemporary and to embrace technology.  His daring and sometimes audaciousness thrust us into the future..how incredibly honored I am to work day by day with my son. 14 years later…he’s still standing by my side.

Corissa Hedrick – first came to me as an assistant to Jay and quickly proved that she had independent aspirations. She grabbed hold of an idea I had for a Spoken Language department and grew it to become 1/2 of our revenue. And took it further and further –  Like Stacey and Jay – her work ethic was surpassed only by enthusiasm and ability to plan for the future. She is and always will be someone I admire and respect – and again…how lucky I was to find her…all eleven years ago.

Trevor – my second son to join my business. Did the ‘dirty’ work..for year after year after year. He was the person who manned the business the hours everyone else’s day was done. He answered the emergency phone, became friends with ER Nurses and woke Interpreters at God awful hours to ensure every job was filled – Any day, any time all while being a ‘stay at home Dad’ and raising his little boy. Giving up chunks of his personal time for EIS and again, fiercely supporting my dream. How amazing it is to work each day with him – for now over a decade.

And most recently there is Eva. My Office Manager – who like the others has this incredible ability to dive in, take pride and ownership in the business and function on such a high level. I find myself leaning on her as the others do, always knowing that her perfectionism and caring is exactly the combination we and our customers need. I cannot imagine my days without Eva. She brings life and light into the business while taking on incredible tasks and always having all our backs. She is truly a rising star..and I am blessed to work with her these last few years….

And then there are my Interpreters, who are far far too many to name – who make me incredibly proud each and every time they are out on a job, giving our communities the best there is to offer – their professionalism, talents, commitment – make me stand tall in awe and respect.

My driving force – the people I love to work with and truly love – who have been on this journey with me – made it a true honor & given me all I need to make Empire Interpreting the success it is today.  Thank you to all of them, for making my dreams comes true and for achieving this amazing milestone of 15 years!




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