Little Blue Trucks & Entrepreneurs

portrait of cute little baby girl reading book with her mother n

One of my ‘littles’ favorite books is ‘Little Blue Truck’ – which I have read numerous times. And the story goes like this…

The Little Blue Truck joyfully drives through the countryside, greeting each friendly animal that he encounters along the way with a ‘beep’ and a welcome. Each animal in turn says hello to the Little Blue truck in their own special way..actually animal noises which delight the toddlers who are read to.

Enter the ‘Big Yellow Dump truck’ who tears through town announcing “Coming through! I’ve big important things to do … I haven’t time to pass the day – with every duck along the way”…thereby insinuating that the Little Blue Truck was wasting his time paying attention to every animal along his way.

In a twist of irony, the Dump truck gets stuck in a mud soaked road and ends up needing the help of the Little Blue Truck and his animal friends to get him unstuck. So the moral implied here is not probably the same take away as mine but something that struck me as I read the book yesterday, sweet baby on my lap and Christmas tree in the background.

This is – my sanity time. This is when I’m brought back to what is really important in life. As a business owner, with so much responsibility – it’s not always easy to remember. Sitting at your desk, signing contracts and paychecks, putting on your best face and putting out multiple fires…I can forget that even though I am constantly busy and have ‘important things to do’ … I need to take time to remember all of my encounters along the way.

So this holiday season, being grounded by a 10 month old and taking stock of who is important – I’d like to take the time to let each one that I encounter daily – my staff – my Interpreters – my customers – know that they are critical to who I am. To know that I care for them and work for them and appreciate that they are there for me, no less important than what I do and certainly not who I am.

Each one I pray has a safe and happy holiday season and I hope knows, that without them, I could never get ‘unstuck’ and move forward everyday.

Peace and joy to all who touch my life……



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